I am a person who is not afraid of challenges, loves investigating new topics and delves into projects until I’m fully satisfied with the outcome.

Passionate about people, my career began in automotive customer service training, supervising and managing a team of individuals. After developing several tools and materials, including training manuals, letter templates and policies and procedures, I was promoted to manage a portfolio 75 dealers across Canada.   Communication, once again, was a common concern! And so I began developing manuals and templates that would fill in that gap.   During this journey, I discovered that my true passion was in developing tools that help inform, guide and enhance a work environment.

And so it just made sense to branch out into B2B Freelance writing!

I’ve been writing for corporations and trade magazines for the past seven years.  Specializing in content strategy, I love to unveil the details that bring the story to life.  I’m a researcher, storyteller, craftswoman and market analyzer, focused on creating clear, dynamic copy that will resonate with your audience.


Chagusaba Method: Green Tea

Some of my clients include Bradford Greenhouses, Catalyst Communications, Ann Green Yoga, Earth Elements,  Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade International, Lockwood Publications, Ball Publishing, Mercury Publications and GIE Media

One of my favorite things about writing is being able to share the magic of language with my two children, Danika and James. They love hearing about the various stories that I discover. Although one evening when I was wrapping up an article, Danika approached me with the utmost concern, asking: “Mommy, did you find the deadline?”


An avid traveler, my most recent journey was in Japan where I toured the tea fields in the Shizuoka Prefecture delving into the history and the evolution of green tea.


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